Healthcare & Aged Care

CDU - hand wash hygiene, surface cleaning, food process solution

EOS7131-CS, EOS7131-CD

For almost 10 years, BES Ozonated technology has been caring for dental and high profile restaurant in Australia market.

Our focus of reliable sanitation solution and cost reduction benefit have distinct BES from other competition and continue working relationship with our clients.

With population and density on the rise, pressure of managing and handling infection within health care have never been more important.

And as bacteria and new forms of virus, chemical might not be sole solution and with limited solution on offer.

BES believe ourselves to have the correct solution as an alternative for environmentally safe and renewable sanitation option.

Speak with one of our consultants today and find out more of the diverge range of solution.

Additional Features

24 Hours Protection

99.999% Kill Rate

Water Friendly

Chemical Free

Service Cycle

Green Solution

Compatible Design

Dollar Saving